Purpose Coffee comes to Empire @ Bellevue

Posted on May 30, 2014 by Empire Tea

This is a case of perfect timing.  We are introducing whole bean coffee at our newest location this weekend and just this past week we had a request for a donation so we thought it would be a great combination.  We are going to sell one blend of coffee from today through Sunday at Bellevue with all profits to be donated.

The cause we are supporting with this sale is Looking Upwards http://www.lookingupwards.org and specifically their goal of sending special needs children to summer camp.  We are really excited about this and we hope to sell out of all of our coffee this weekend.

Speaking of coffee, the blend we are selling is our house blend, which is a combination of Costa Rican, Colombian and Guatemalan coffees.  We use this for all of our cold brewed and iced coffee at all locations.

Please note, we are only doing this coffee sale at our Bellevue location, so please stop by before Sunday.  

Patience & Persistence

Posted on October 05, 2013 by Empire Tea

Sometimes good ideas don’t come out as intended.  Our Purpose coffee idea, was good and worked well for the first cause, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened again.  This has made me aware that we can’t shoe horn our solution to solve all the worlds problems so this is why Purpose coffee may not be a monthly event, but our support of good causes and community organizations does continue.  I’d like to highlight 2 of our ongoing community groups that we have been supporting for quite a while now.


First is Clean Ocean Access.  We first met this great group over year ago at Surf Fest 2012 and were highly impressed with the passion and work ethic of the group and knew immediately that we wanted to show our support.  For the last year we have been providing refreshments for the group when they do beach clean-ups each month.  I highly recommend that you check them out and join them, you will meet some great people, get some fresh air and help improve our beaches.  https://www.facebook.com/cleanoceanaccess


Our longest relationship with an organization has been with the Norman Bird Sanctuary.  For the past 8 years we have been a part of the Harvest Fair and the Breakfast with the Birds events.  Just like Clean Ocean Access, NBS works hard to preserve the natural beauty of the place we live in and to foster a community that comes together to celebrate it.  As I have come to know the people at NBS, I have seen the bond between the people who have grown up here, moved here or just visited once and the Sanctuary (and the people who run it).  They have truly created a community.


Today at the Harvest Fair we are trying our most ambitious plan to date.  We are helping them set up a pop-up cafe branded the ‘Sanctuary Cafe’ for which we have donated coffee, tea, and custom printed travel mugs.  This new cafe will be the brand we use at each NBS event throughout the year.  This week I roasted coffee for a special blend for the Harvest Fair and I hope you will like it.   Come visit, have fun and support the NBS.

Celebrate with Purpose

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Empire Tea

This year we have received several readers choice awards from local publications.  We are humbled and deeply appreciative of the nominations and votes that our customers submitted.  We know that it is truly you who make us the best, and we work hard every day to earn your support.  

As part of our quest for improvement, Empire has recently installed the most environmentally friendly coffee roaster in the state.  We are excited to share our coffee with you and to celebrate our award and we are doing that with new purpose.

Last November after Hurricane Sandy, we opened our new store with our Coffee for a Cause and donated 100% of our sales to the Red Cross for Hurricane relief.  It was a great success and now with our own in house coffee roaster, we realize we can do more.  

Today we are announcing our PURPOSE line of coffee.  We will now on occasion roast coffee for the sole purpose of raising money for local or national charities or disaster relief.  We will sell you coffee at a lower price and donate our profits to charity.  Drink coffee, do good.  How awesome is that?  Each coffee will be limited in availability for only a few days each month.  

Our first donation has a personal connection, as my uncle has been diagnosed with ALS and we will be donating our sales of our Purpose coffee this month to the ‘Walk to Defeat ALS’ and the Ray’s Warriors team.  You can find information about the walk and his team at: http://web.alsa.org/site/TR/Walks/UpstateNewYork?team_id=247353&pg=team&fr_id=9336

This is not a one time thing and its not just personal to us.  We know that you or someone you know in this community may also have a cause that you are championing and we want to try to support you as well.  Although we can’t contribute to every cause, we do make donations of product throughout the year to non-profits and charities to support events, or raffles, etc.   Each month we would like to feature one group for our purpose line of coffee to be sold in our stores for a few days.  

If you know of a group that would benefit by partnering with us, please contact me at cj@fineloosetea.com or 401-619-1388 ext 3. 


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