August 2017 Notes

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Current Availability Changes:

Mike - Last Day 8/16

Nicole - Change of availability 9/5

Julia - Last Day 8/20

Rachel - Change of availability 9/3

Brielle - Change of availability 9/4

Abi -  Change of availability 9/4

Eva - Last Day 8/27

Liza - No change

Lily - Last Day 8/24

Sarah Tucker -  Change of availability 8/27

Avi - Last Day 8/9

Ashley - Last Day 8/20

Ariel -  Change of availability 9/4 (only Saturday)

Maggie - Last Day 9/3

Maura - Last Day 8/17

If you have not provided any info on your change or last day, please do so by filling out this form


Important Info Below:

Empire Tea & Coffee Contact list

Store Contact Numbers:
Broadway x 1 in store 7022
Beach x 2 in store 7058
Bellevue x 4 in store 7112
Bristol x 5 in store 7251

In store extensions are if you are calling between locations.

Store Managers: Lauren Call - Bellevue

Marissa Caito - Broadway & Beach

Josh Unorski - Commissary

Store managers are your POC for Bellevue, Broadway & Beach.

Bristol POC: Tiffany Wolfe

Ownership: CJ Barone - All locations

Marjorie Zambrana - All locations

Miguel Minino - Bellevue & Bristol

Trainers: Sage McCue
Tiffany Wolfe

Shift Leads: Both Trainers +
Tim Boughton
Amelia Prime
Iona Ross

In the case of medical, fire or security issue, please call 911 immediately and then follow up with a call to a manager.

When questions arise during a shift, work with more experienced staff to resolve. The order of contact should be 1) any shift leads you are working with, 2) any scheduled manager currently on duty, 3) your store manager 4) Ownership.

Store managers are responsible for the operations, staffing, inventory and customer needs for their store and all requests, questions, issues must go through them.

*** Note ****

We will be using Jolt as our new communications tool to get important info out to you.  We will need updated contact info for all employees

This year we are losing a larger number of employees for school such that we have decided that an employee appreciation party would be fairly empty.  Instead we would like to thank you all and show you our appreciation by giving everyone a new Empire Travel Mug of your choice.  Please fill out this form to select your mug. Please do this by the end of the day August 6th, no late responses will be honored.  We know that several of you have already purchased a mug, so think of this as a chance to get another one.  Please do not take a mug off the shelf, we will provide the mugs from the commissary.